AI in the service of IT teams

InvGate AI Hub for Service Desk provides agents with a handful of intelligent features built and designed to help them provide better support.

Improve support efficiency with AI

AI-Improved Responses

Save time by improving your responses with generative AI

Improve your responses and speed up ticket resolution with generative AI. InvGate’s AI service analyzes the ticket details and the draft response and gives you the possibility to expand, summarize, or change the tone of your reply.

Efficiency and time-saving

Save up to 28% of the time spent crafting responses.*

Accuracy and consistency

Deliver clear, concise responses across all support teams.

*Based on internal testing.

Ticket summarization

One-click ticket summaries

Create a quick summary of the ticket’s details, people involved, and tasks performed to get a better grasp of the request at hand.

Faster resolution times

Takes less than 1 minute to onboard someone new to a complex ongoing incident.*

Easier collaboration

Team members spend less time sifting through lengthy ticket histories and more time actively resolving the issue.


Agents can choose to post the summary as an internal comment as a way to share insights with their team.

*Based on internal testing.

Knowledge article generation

Create knowledge articles in seconds

Automatically transform service incident resolutions into knowledge articles to keep your Knowledge Base up-to-date with generative AI.

Automated drafting

Takes less than 30 seconds to create a first article* based on the ticket resolution details, so agents no longer need to start from scratch.

Easily updated Knowledge Base

Ensures that all relevant information is promptly documented and available on the Knowledge Base for future reference.

Encourage self-service

End-users gain confidence in self-service options and are less inclined to create a service request.

*Based on internal testing.

Contextual knowledge article summaries

An even smarter Virtual Agent

Improve your support through your Virtual Agent by providing a quick summary of relevant knowledge articles to users.

Lower ticket volume

By highlighting the most relevant aspects of the articles in a more accessible format, the summary helps users grasp the main concepts leading to up to 15% less tickets created through chat.*

Improved user experience

Users can access relevant information from the suggested articles directly on the chat before opening them.

*Based on internal testing.

Keyword generation

Less misrouted tickets

Automatically transform service incident resolutions into Expand the keywords related to your service categories automatically to make it easier for users to find and select the correct category when creating a ticket.

Quick configuration

Admins can quickly add accurate keywords to any category, reducing the time and effort required for manual configuration.

Optimize ticket routing

Reduces user errors in ticket creation by 30%*, so support teams don't have to spend time redirecting tickets that don't belong to them.

*Based on internal testing.

AI-powered features are revolutionizing the way businesses handle support requests

Here are some of the benefits of using these advanced features:

Increase Efficiency

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce Costs

Make time for support agents to focus on more complex issues by automating repetitive tasks and reducing response times.

Provide customers with fast and accurate responses, reducing frustration and improving the overall customer experience.

By automating routine tasks and providing faster response times, you can reduce the workload on support agents. This reduces the need for additional staff and lowers your organization’s operating costs.

Discover the possibilities of AI

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