Improve support efficiency with AI

InvGate Service Desk AI Assistant provides agents with recommendations for better ticket management and customer communication.

Improve support efficiency with AI

Response recommendations

Give agents response recommendations based on each request

InvGate’s AI provides agents with some considerations to take when answering a request—improving support quality and speed.

AI-powered comments

Create better and faster responses

Powered by GPT-3, InvGate AI paraphrases agents’ input for a clear and more straightforward response, and extends common troubleshooting questions in seconds.

Predictive suggestions

Give agents a recommended course of action

InvGate Support Assist seeks to suggest actions that could positively impact the performance of IT support agents.

Based on the service desk patterns, Support Assist provides action recommendations such as changing a ticket priority, updating its category, or connecting a ticket with ongoing incidents.

AI-powered features revolutionize how businesses handle support requests

Here are some of the benefits of using these advanced features:

Increased Efficiency

Improved Customer Experience

Reduced Costs

Free support agents to focus on more complex issues by automating repetitive tasks and reducing response times.

Provide customers with fast and accurate responses, reducing frustration and improving the overall customer experience.

By automating routine tasks and providing faster response times, you can reduce the workload on support agents. This reduces the need for additional staff and lowers your organization’s operating costs.

Discover the limitless possibilities of AI

Check out our series of articles on the InvGate blog for in-depth insights and best practices on incorporating AI into your IT service management operations.

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