Leverage AI to improve agents responses

Get suggestions to improve agents’ responses and speed-up support times by leveraging generative AI.

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AI-Improved Responses

Save time by improving your responses with generative AI

Improve your responses and speed up ticket resolution with generative AI. InvGate’s AI service analyzes the ticket details and the draft response and gives you the possibility to expand, summarize, or change the tone of your reply.

Efficiency and time-saving

Save up to 28% of the time spent crafting responses.*

Accuracy and consistency

Deliver clear, concise responses across all support teams.

*Based on internal testing.

Explore other AI features

Ticket summarization

Create an AI summary of the ticket’s details, people involved, and tasks performed to get a better grasp of the request at hand.

Knowledge article generation

Automatically transform service incident resolutions into knowledge articles.

Contextual knowledge

Add a new level of AI to your Microsoft Teams virtual agent by providing a quick summary of relevant knowledge articles to users.

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