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Improve the performance of your IT services by aligning them with ITIL best practices. Use InvGate’s ITIL-verified Service Desk to ensure that your IT services are reliable, efficient, and meeting the needs of your business.


ITIL Certified Best Practices

InvGate Service Desk has been built as the optimal blend of ITIL best practice and customers real-world IT service management (ITSM) needs, being certified by Pink Elephant for Change, Problem, Incident Management and Request Fulfillment.

Fully certified in 7 Pink Verified ITIL4 best practices, InvGate Service Desk provides efficient and effective solutions for all your IT needs.

Change Enablement

Ensuring efficient and effective management of changes to your IT systems.

Incident Management

Ensures prompt resolution of IT issues for minimal disruption to business operations.

Infrastructure and Platform Management

Ensures the availability, scalability, and performance of your IT infrastructure through best practices in design, transition, operation, and improvement.

Knowledge Management

Optimizes the flow of information within an organization to improve decision making, minimize risks and reduce costs through best practices in collection, analysis, sharing and creation of knowledge.

Problem Management

Identify, analyze, and resolve IT issues and errors to optimize IT service performance.

Service Desk

Provides a single point of contact or IT service users to report incidents and request assistance, ensuring effective communication, service restoration, and user satisfaction through best practices in incident management and request fulfillment.

Service Request Management

Ensures the efficient and effective delivery of IT services to the business by managing, fulfilling and tracking service requests through best practices in request handling and service level management.


With InvGate Service Desk you have the power to put the ITIL framework into practice

Service Design

With InvGate Service Desk service level management capabilities your IT team can prioritize service desk operations based on an issue’s impact and urgency plus agreed service level targets, and be notified of breaches, making you better positioned to meet or even exceed agreed performance levels. Using capabilities like InvGate’s Service Level Management and SLAs will help your company to improve its IT support, IT help desk, or IT service operations through the focusing of attention on the things that matter most.

Service Transition

InvGate’s change management capabilities ensure that all IT changes are managed efficiently, with risks assessed and reduced, such that change delays and failures are minimized.

It makes service desk life easier, and improves IT’s reputation, by minimizing the level of change-related issues and problems. InvGate’s Knowledge Management capabilities include automatic suggestions of solutions to IT staff as request tickets are created, helping to increase the speed of issue resolution.

Service Operations

Log, manage, resolve, and report on the IT issues affecting your business operations and people with Service Desk incident management capabilities. Take the pressure off your service desk using problem management best practices, and self-service and automation capabilities that free IT staff up to focus on what’s most important.

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Check out our definitive guide with ITIL processes, best practices, and implementation tips.

Frequently asked questions

Navigating ITIL and InvGate Service Desk: your essential FAQ guide.

ITIL, which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of best practices and guidelines for IT service management. When a service desk is ITIL-aligned, it is designed and operated following the principles and practices outlined in ITIL. This can include using specific ITIL-compliant tools and processes, as well as training staff on ITIL methodologies. An ITIL-aligned service desk is intended to provide efficient, effective, and consistent IT service support to an organization’s customers and stakeholders.

Whether or not ITIL is the right framework for your service desk depends on your organization’s specific needs and goals.

ITIL is a widely-adopted framework for IT service management and provides a comprehensive set of best practices and guidelines for managing IT services. If your organization is looking to improve the delivery and management of its IT services, then ITIL may be a good fit. Additionally, ITIL can provide a common language and framework for IT service management that can help to improve communication and collaboration across different teams and departments in your organization.

It’s essential to evaluate your organization’s needs and goals and compare them to the ITIL framework to check if they fit your organization. It is also recommended to do a gap analysis to identify if you have enough maturity on your current processes and what areas need improvement.

In summary, ITIL can be a valuable framework for organizations looking to improve the delivery and management of their IT services. Still, evaluating if it aligns with the organization’s, is essential.

ITIL is a widely-used framework for IT service management and it can be used by organizations of all sizes, including small organizations. However, it’s important to consider that ITIL is a comprehensive framework that provides a large number of best practices and guidelines for managing IT services, it may be overwhelming for small organizations with limited resources.

It’s important to start small and focus on the most critical processes that will impact your business, then expand on them over time as your organization’s service management maturity grows. The goal should be to improve the service delivery process and the quality of service, not necessarily the full compliance with ITIL.

Implementing the entire ITIL framework can be a significant undertaking for small organizations and may not be necessary or feasible. However, it doesn’t mean that small organizations can’t benefit from ITIL. Small organizations can still take advantage of certain aspects of ITIL, such as incident management, problem management, or change management, that can improve their service delivery process and quality.

There are several benefits of having a service desk that is ITIL-aligned. Some of the most notable benefits include:

Improved service quality:

By adhering to ITIL best practices and guidelines, an ITIL-aligned service desk can deliver IT services of higher quality, more reliable, and more consistent.

Increased efficiency and cost savings:

ITIL provides a framework for service desk processes that can help to streamline operations and reduce waste, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for an organization.

Better incident management:

ITIL-aligned service desks use incident management processes that are designed to quickly and effectively resolve incidents, which can minimize downtime and service disruptions for customers.

Improved customer satisfaction:

ITIL-aligned service desks are designed to be customer-focused and provide responsive, effective service support. This can lead to increased satisfaction among customers and stakeholders.

Better use of IT resources:

ITIL provides guidance on the management of IT resources, which can help organizations to make better use of their IT assets and improve the return on their IT investments.

Improved communication and collaboration:

ITIL-aligned service desks use processes that facilitate communication and collaboration between different IT teams and with customers, which can help to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of IT service delivery.

Better measurement and reporting:

ITIL recommends having a standard way to measure and report service performance, this can help service providers to identify and prioritize service improvements.

Yes, InvGate Service Desk V7 is fully certified in 7 Pink Verified ITIL4 best practices. Change Enablement, Incident Management, Infrastructure and Platform Management, Knowledge Management, Problem Management, Service Desk, and Service Request Management.

InvGate Service Desk has been a certified PinkVerify help desks tool since 2016.

You can access our certification here.

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