CMDB Discovery and Visualization

Gain a dynamic and 360-degree view of the relationships between your systems and applications to maintain reliable and up-to-date visibility of your asset and configuration management data.

Visual Model
Map all IT components and their relationships

Have a clear view of your CIs and how they relate to each other in a visual CMDB data model. Identify trends, patterns and outliers in an attractive, easy to comprehend presentation.

Data Population
Quick CMDB setup

Merge configuration data from different sources and build a detailed map of your IT infrastructure through three different methods of data population: manual, API-driver integrations, and asset discovery tool.

View of all the different sources that you can integrate with InvGate Insight to build a detailed map of your IT infrastructure
CMDB in cloud environments

Integrate the assets in your cloud services, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, into your CMDB. Support day-to-day operations and maintenance processes with a centralized visual presentation of all the resources and services used.

CMDB to improve your service experience

Connecting CMDB to InvGate Service Desk helps you for faster incident resolution times, quickly identify problems, and easily perform root cause analysis to improve IT service management.

Change Management
Reduce risk to infrastructure changes

With real-time data on users, hardware, software, networks, contracts, business sites, and other assets, your organization can identify impactful relationships to plan and roll out changes and proactively troubleshoot upcoming problems before they occur.

Simplify your IT ecosystem with InvGate Insight

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