Why customers choose InvGate over JIRA

InvGate is the best choice for teams looking for an easy and intuitive platform to scale their Service Management to IT and beyond, without any hidden costs.

InvGate Service Desk versus Jira

You will be in good company

InvGate is a great fit for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Price Waterhouse Coopers
Arcos Dorados
Peoples Bank
United States Army
Collins Aerospace
Alaskan Copper

Top reasons customers choose InvGate over JIRA

With InvGate’s solutions, deliver exceptional support to both your internal and external customers effortlessly.

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Easy to adopt beyond IT teams

InvGate Service Desk gives you complete flexibility on your service management so your teams (HR, Facilities, etc) are not stuck with IT-lingo and practices.

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World-class asset management solution

InvGate Insight gives you a single source of truth to view and manage hardware, software, licenses, and more. Enterprise-grade coverage without the hassle.

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Managing complexity in an intuitive way

InvGate’s visual, drag-and-drop workflow builder gives you the flexibility to manage and automate complex processes in a simple, clean interface.

Your search for the perfect ITSM solution ends with InvGate

Discover the fit-for-purpose solution to deliver outstanding service with intuitive ticketing, workflow automation, and ITIL-ready processes.

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71.5% improvement in response times

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Peoples Bank

75% increase in portal incident reporting

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Peoples Bank
Arcos Dorados

20% decrease in the number of requests thanks to automation

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Arcos Dorado

Better ticket management, from creation to resolution

Discover a ticket management solution designed to help agents focus on what’s most important. Streamline workflow by categorizing work based on priority, SLA, and urgency, eliminating bottlenecks with quick, one-click solutions.

Connect Service Desk with your tech stack, eliminating silos and streamlining your workflow.

Empower agents by providing full visibility of ticket changes, linked requests, and configuration items.

Customize dashboards to adapt to your and other stakeholders’ needs.

Streamline operations with automated processes

Transform your operational efficiency with InvGate Service Desk, a platform designed to simplify and streamline your processes effortlessly.

Create and modify workflows effortlessly, ensuring your operational processes evolve with the speed of your business

Extend ITSM capabilities across the organization with features such as first response and SLAs.

Gain visibility for key stakeholders without increasing operational costs.

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Build a user-centric service experience

Elevate your service delivery through a host of powerful features designed to streamline processes and ensure user adoption across your organization. With an intuitive portal and seamless communication channels, users are more likely to embrace and utilize the service desk.

Bring together support teams from different areas seamlessly, creating a centralized hub for all user needs.

Leverage the power of virtual agents to provide instant support within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.

Users can access the self-service portal from anywhere at any time.

Moving from another help desk solution? No big deal

No-code configurations, pre-built functionalities, and praised post-sale support to have your service desk ready in no time.

Tailor your service desk to your unique needs. No coding expertise required.

Get step-by-step guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Regular check-ins and training resources to keep your operations running at peak performance.

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