Software License Optimization

Efficiently plan, purchase, and optimize the use of your software licenses. Keep an up-to-date record of their value, and end unnecessary support costs to avoid compliance issues and fees.

Gain total visibility of your IT infrastructure

Discover and import all installed software assets, manage them in a central database, and detect any anomalies in software usage across your organization.

Avoid overspending on software licensing

Match your software usage to purchased licenses. Keep a maintenance contract record according to the different types of license agreements, and get a full understanding of the timing and costs of renewals.

Software Normalization
Save thousands of hours updating software data

InvGate Insight’s engine of software normalization converges all irregular software names and versions into unified software groups.

Software Metering
Monitor the usage of software across your organization

Access and visualize which software is installed on your devices, and which software licenses are actually being used. By knowing if a particular software is being used and its frequency, you have a more comprehensive view of your assets to make better business decisions.

Make Informed Decisions on Your Software Licenses

Access comprehensive reporting capabilities, as well as statistics on software utilization, to reduce waste and deploy software asset resources where they are most needed.

Simplify your IT ecosystem with InvGate Insight

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