Service Desk Automation

Optimize and accelerate support processes

Unlock the full potential of your support teams with automation - improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.



Authentication and Directory


For more complex needs, Service Desk allows for incorporating automated actions within the different workflows created in the tool. Request approvals, create task lists, and information forms, send emails and notifications, and any other action necessary for workflows where the need to minimize manual and repetitive tasks is required.

Knowledge Management

Benefits of Automation

Improve efficiency

Increase Consistency

Prioritize Better

Increase Escalability

InvGate Service Desk automated processes reduce manual effort, streamline workflows, and increase the speed and accuracy of routine tasks.

Automated processes help ensure consistent execution, reducing the potential for errors and increasing the reliability of results.

Thanks to InvGate Service Desk automated prioritization helps ensure that the most critical tasks are addressed first, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.

Automated processes can handle a larger volume of requests, helping the help desks scale to meet growing demands. This enables organizations to provide a better level of service to customers, even as their needs evolve.

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