Service Desk Integrations

Seamlessly connect and exchange data with other applications and platforms

Improve the functionality and usability of Service Desk with our native integrations and our API services catalog.

Microsoft Teams

Support any time, anywhere

Improve communication, collaboration, efficiency, visibility, and flexibility for your team, making it a useful addition to your service desk toolkit.

With this integration, your team can view and update support requests directly from within Microsoft Teams.


Integrate Service Desk with all the tools your team needs

Zapier is a popular tool that allows users to automate tasks and workflows by connecting different applications and platforms. With Service Desk integration with Zapier, you’ll be able to expand the benefits of automation, functionality, and customization thanks to its large catalog of products and services.

Authentication and Directory

Conveniently secure

Enhanced security, convenience, and user management capabilities thanks to InvGate Service Desk’s wide range of integrations with authentication and directory services, such as Google, Microsoft Identity Platform, SAML 2.0, Active Directory, Open LDAP, and SCIM.

InvGate Insight

All the information your support team needs

InvGate Service Desk integration with InvGate Insight allows your team to have all the IT data that you need for ITSM centralized in one place. Whether it is hardware, software, licenses, users, or even locations, agents can access it in a seamless way.

APIs & Webservices

Expand functionality beyond limits

Invgate Service Desk offers a comprehensive API service catalog that allows you to connect other applications, platforms, and services seamlessly. As well easy to configure web services call from different features like workflows and automation.

Improve the functionality and usability of Service Desk and make it more attractive to agents and end-users.

Benefits of Integrations

Improved Efficiency

Provide a unified view of data and information

Enhanced Collaboration

Strengthen Automation

Integrating InvGate Service Desk with other systems and applications streamlines workflows, reduces manual effort, and improves overall efficiency.

With InvGate Service Desk, integrations provide a complete picture of the customer’s environment and help to resolve issues more quickly.

InvGate Service Desk integrations allow teams to work together more effectively, enabling the sharing of information and increasing collaboration between different departments and teams.

Integrating InvGate Service Desk with automation solutions enables the automation of routine tasks and processes, freeing time for more strategic and value-adding activities.

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