Software Metering

InvGate Insight Software Metering allows organizations to gain insights into which software applications are used, how often they are used, and by whom. This information can be used to optimize software licensing, identify potential security risks, and improve overall IT efficiency.

Complete visibility of your software licenses

Obtain detailed insight into software usage patterns, including the number of users of a software application, the frequency of use, versions installed, and peak usage.

Avoid overspending on software licensing

Thanks to the information on software usage, decisions can be made regarding the need to purchase new licenses or reallocate those that are not used.

Measure what matters

An easy configuration that enables the automatic metering of all paid software detected. Active and deactivate the paid software that needs to be metered with just a click.

Keep track of usage patterns

Visualize trends with just a look at the average usage of any given paid software within the last 7, 15, 30, and 60 days.

Simplify your IT ecosystem with InvGate Insight

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