Build a state-of-the-art service desk

InvGate Service Desk empowers your support team to deliver outstanding service, with an intuitive ticketing solution, workflow automation, and ITIL-verified capabilities.

Arrange the backlog in a smart way, allowing agents to see all the important information about their tasks in one place.

Divide requests that require immediate action by the agent from those that are on hold, enabling them to prioritize effectively.

Get a full view of all requests in the backlog with visual cues on the first response and resolution SLAs.

List the pending actions and include easy one-click options for more efficient resolution.

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Ticket Management

Provide agents with a tool to help them help better

A ticket management solution that lets agents focus on what’s most important. Organize the work based on priority, SLA, and urgency and avoid bottlenecks by highlighting actions that can be solved with just one click.

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Modern UI for better management

Modern UI for better management

InvGate helps agents stay organized by showing requests that need attention.

Improve collaboration between teams

Improve collaboration between teams

Empower agents by providing full visibility of ticket changes, linked requests, and configuration items. Easy access to knowledge base, ticket tasks, and the possibility to add watchers and approvers.

Provide visibility of performance

Offer performance visibility

From request time metrics, time tracking, and customer ratings, give agents the tools for self-improvement and performance awareness.

ITSM Analytics

Have a clear view of your service desk

Customize and share your performance dashboards to provide transparency on the state of your service desk and take actions when needed.

Have a clear view of your service desk
Build custom dashboards

Build custom dashboards

Customize dashboards to adapt to your and other stakeholders’ needs.

Act faster with better reports

Act faster with better reports

Cross-analyze over 150 metrics to create reports, linked requests and configuration items to make faster and better decisions.

Share dashboards with customers

Share dashboards with customers

Improve stakeholder satisfaction by providing access to custom dashboards, offering visibility on the status of the service desk.


Automate your operations

Manage change, problems and incidents by automating processes with workflows and third-party integrations and assist your agents with AI-powered suggestions.

Visual workflow editor

Get a visual workflow editor

Make automation available to your entire organization for any of the processes needed.

AI powered suggestions

Provide AI-powered suggestions

Improve agents’ efficiency by offering suggested actions based on repeated patterns.

Integrate third party apps

Integrate third-party apps

Integrate workflows with other apps using Zapier or InvGate’s API.

Self-service portal

Empower your organization

Improve end-user experience with a branded self-service portal with an integrated knowledge base and a service catalog.

Empower your organization
Service Catalog

Build a service catalog

From HR to IT, give visibility and access to your customers on everything your organization can do for them.

Create a cross-organization service process

Create a cross-organization service process

Implement Enterprise Service Management best practices by integrating your entire organization under one service desk.

Centralize communications into one platform

Centralize communications on one platform

Let users use their channel of choice, be it e-mail, the self-service portal or Microsoft Teams. Everything is organized in one place.

IT Asset Management

Integrate with your IT Asset Inventory

Connect your IT Asset Inventory into your service desk for a unified view of asset-related incidents.

Link CIs to tickets

Link CIs to tickets

Link tickets with devices for future reference and problem detection.

Access quick visibility of users’ CIs

Access quick visibility of users’ CIs

Provide agents with a list of devices, contracts, and business applications linked to a user.

Detect recurring problems

Detect recurring problems

See past incidents registered for a CI and detect potential problems to be solved.

ITSM Implementation

Set up an enterprise-level service desk in record time

No-code configurations, pre-built functionalities, and post-sale support to have your service desk ready in no time.

Up and running in 5 minutes

Up and running in 5 minutes

Try InvGate Service Desk for free, and learn how easy it is to put your help desk to work.

Migrate in a day

Migrate in a day

Moving from another help desk solution? No big deal. Find out how easy it is to migrate your help desk into InvGate Service Desk.

A world-class Customer Success team to support your success

A world-class Customer Success team to support your success

Every InvGate customer has access to our Customer Success team who has helped 1,500+ organizations create state-of-the-art service operations.

InvGate Service Desk is used by organizations to support millions of users around the world.

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