Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Create an employee-centric organization

Improve the experience of your teams by providing visibility of everything your organization can do for them while streamlining processes and operations.

Enterprise Service Management Solution

With Enterprise Service Management, your organization can take the best practices originally designed for IT and extend it to business teams such as Human Resources, Legal, Facilities, and Finance.

InvGate Service Desk allows your organization to create a central service portal. Centralize all incoming requests, and integrate the process flow between departments for better alignment and efficiency.

Service Catalog

Provide a unified service experience

From HR to IT, give visibility and access to your customers on everything your organization can do for them.

Platform's search bar allows users to create their requests with knowledge base suggestions

Create a cross-organization request portal

Let users serve themselves by providing a service catalog that is customized according to their role and permissions, centralizing the communication with any area of the organization.

Request submissions are supported by several channels of communication

Offer multiple channels of communication

Let users submit requests from their channel of choice: service portal, e-mail or Microsoft Teams.

Customer providing feedback on a solution confirmation

Receive customer feedback

Gather fresh and relevant insight on how your team is performing, receiving feedback ratings from customers.

Enterprise Service Management

Integrate multiple departments into one service desk

Improve operational efficiency in your organization by creating a centralized help desk that cuts across functions and departments.

Multiple departments integrated within one centralized service desk
Multiple service areas centralized with independent SLAs

Centralize multiple service areas

Create different help desks with independent SLAs with a multi-department help desk solution.

Create custom forms for each request

Create request forms tailored to each need, with custom fields and flexible workflows.

InvGate Service Desk can be integrated with your business software such as Zapier, PageDuty

Integrate with your business software

Connect Service Desk to services crucial to your business with InvGate’s bi-directional API or other tools.


Streamline operations with automated processes

No-Code workflow development helps you to easily create predefined steps for strategic services, eliminating manual tasks and errors.

Workflow editor that enables the creation of any proccess needed

Visual workflow editor

Make automation available to all your organization for any of the processes needed.

See critical information such as first response time and resolution SLAs

First Response and SLAs

Extend ITSM capabilities across the organization, such as first response and resolution SLAs.

Request created by a Customer with a Watcher and an Approver at no cost

Unlimited watchers and approvers at no cost

Gain visibility for key stakeholders, add approval roles and assign watchers without increasing operational costs.

Enterprise Analytics

Receive and provide a clear view of the service desk performance

Provide your organization with greater insight into its operational performance and help highlight areas of success and those in need of improvement. Gain better access to data and information allowing cost-shared transparency that drives better decisions.

Information and KPIs shown in several dashboards of InvGate Service Desk
Data processed on dashboards and reports by InvGate Service Desk's OLAP engine

Get the most value out of your data

Process and analyze large amounts of data in a simple way, thanks to Service Desk’s OLAP engine that powers dashboards and reports.

Dashboards showing real-time information

Get real-time performance information

Gain the visibility you need to drive process improvement in your services, with real-time information, even from multiple help desks.

Custom dashboard that can be shared

Customize and share dashboards

Build dashboards and share them with team members and stakeholders for better transparency.


Enterprise Service Management applied

How can your organization benefit from an ESM platform? For starters, if there are repetitive tasks or issues, time sensitive requests or multiple participants of a process, ESM can transform the way things are done.

Employee Onboarding

A new employee hire triggers a new record in your Human Resources Management System, followed by a request to Facilities for workspace preparation and IT so that they ensure the required devices are in stock (or trigger a new buy order to purchase them).

Employee Support

The knowledge base can serve as a time saver for frequently asked questions such as payroll, benefits or specific processes.

Payment Requests

Finance can centralize the reception of invoices or payment requests for day to day expenditures.

Legal Approvals

Contracts or any other legal document can be reviewed and approved by the legal department with automatic notifications to the CEO.

Building Repairs

Employees can notify Facilities for any repair needed in the office building.

Upper right quadrant ESM capabilities at a fraction of the cost

Get the best of ESM with easy no-code configuration, freeing you from expensive third-party integrations, decreasing the total cost of ownership. Migrating to InvGate Service Desk from your current solution is easy.

Upper right quadrant ITSM capabilities at a fraction of a cost

Powering top IT teams around the world

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