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Tools to help IT teams do their jobs faster and more effectively.

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Our vision

A pragmatic approach to AI in the service of IT teams

Our goal has always been to build the tools that IT teams use to enable every other team in the company, and to make complex tasks and processes feel and look simple. This is why we built the products that millions around the world use today.

Now, over a decade after we launched our first solutions, we are building the tools for the next era of technology-enabled human interactions. Beyond the hype, AI is all about unlocking capabilities in human beings. And we’re very bullish on what this will mean for IT teams worldwide.

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AI Hub Tools

AI-Improved Responses

Respond faster to common incidents by leveraging generative AI.

  • Clear, concise messages for all agents to speed up interactions.
  • Less time crafting and editing messages; more time to focus on actually resolving the issue.

Contextual knowledge article summaries

Efficiently deliver tailored knowledge base article summaries to users, ensuring quick access to relevant information.

  • The right answer, always. As the bot will contextualize the KB article before sharing it.

Knowledge article generation

Automatically service incident resolutions into knowledge articles to keep your Knowlegde Base up-to-date.

  • Less than 30 seconds to create a first article (based on internal testing).
  • Encouraged self-service: Accelerates the availability of relevant and accurate information in the knowledge base, giving end-users more and better self-service options.

Ticket Summarization

Generate a quick summary of the ticket activity to speed up resolution when escalation, collaboration, or approvals are needed.

  • Less than 1 minute to onboard someone new to a complex ongoing incident (based on internal testing).
  • Save time for approvers and L2: Highlights what matters and steps taken so far, facilitating resolution or approval.

Keywords Generation

Simplify category creation and ticketing by automatically suggesting keywords, enhancing user navigation and organization.

  • 32% reduction in misclassified tickets (based on internal testing)
  • Quick configuration: Admins can quickly add accurate keywords to any category, reducing the time and effort required for manual configuration.

What's coming next

Smarter MS Teams Virtual Agent

Coming Soon

Conversational experience

Create a more fluid and conversational support experience as the Virtual Agent provides better and more accurate responses to users inquiries.

Coming Soon

Solution-based responses

Instead of redirecting users to the knowledge base, the Virtual Agent offers customized assistance by offering solutions based on knowledge articles to their requests without leaving the chat.

Preventive / proactive support

Coming Soon

Root cause analysis

The AI quickly analyzes incoming incidents, offering immediate insights into potential root causes.

Coming Soon

Anomaly detection

The AI generates major incidents or alerts when specific events or conditions that could lead to service disruptions occur, alerting the support teams in order to mitigate the impact.

Coming Soon

Workflow analytics

Gain actionable insights into workflow performance, identifying bottlenecks and areas of improvement to drive organizational efficiency.

AI applied to ITAM

Coming Soon

Natural language search

Simply write what you’re looking for and get the results you need (ie. “Computers from remote workers that have a critical update missing”).

Coming Soon

Automatic CMDB (CI dependency mapping)

Build an automatic map of relationships enhanced by AI.

Coming Soon

AI software & hardware normalization

On top of current capabilities, AI-driven normalization adds a new layer of intelligence to InvGate Insight to further ensure accurate and consistent records of software and hardware assets, saving IT teams even more time.

Coming Soon

Smart alerts

Reduce CI management time and focus on the most critical ones with alerts that use multiple information sources as input including InvGate’s Agent, usage data, and more.

Coming Soon


The system can automatically execute corrective actions when a set of conditions are met.

Language support

Coming Soon


When a potential grammar error is detected, the AI provides suggestions for corrections. The agent can then choose to accept or reject these suggestions based on the context of the communication.

Coming Soon


The AI translation feature allows agents to communicate seamlessly with users who speak languages different from their own.

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