Quality Policy

Here you will find details on InvGate’s quality policy.

At InvGate we develop software products for the corporate market. The products solve the problematic characteristics of IT departments, and their use can be extended to other areas within organizations.

We have two mottos: being happy at work and developing products that make our customers happy in their daily work. One of our primary objectives is customer satisfaction.

For this, we have a quality management system that we seek to continuously improve. Management is firmly committed to its development and implementation, and constantly communicates to the organization the importance of satisfying the applicable requirements.

For these purposes, it is necessary to provide customers with a reliable and interruption-free service, guaranteeing both the availability of the systems and their proper functioning.

We also seek the constant evolution of our products, with innovation in design and development being a key component of our value proposition.

Based on these premises, we seek to increase the acquisition of new customers, promoting the use of our products through the training of technical and commercial channels.

Document Name: D-DG-04-(04)

Rev.04 - June 11th, 2018