Enterprise Service Management Course

Introduce yourself to the world of Enterprise Service Management (ESM), and learn the tools and knowledge required to get started in your organization.

About this course

Why you should take this ESM course

Understanding and implementing ESM is essential for organizations seeking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. This course is designed first to cover foundational concepts and all the basics required to get started and quickly move forward to more advanced strategies and best practices.

Expert insights

Benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of industry veterans Roy Atkinson and Barclay Rae, who have helped countless organizations successfully navigate the ESM landscape.

Actionable content

Our course is designed to provide you with practical, easy-to-follow steps that can be immediately applied to your organization, regardless of its size or industry.

Free of charge

We are dedicated to fostering knowledge, and if you share our passion for optimizing service across your organization, this course is tailored for you to master ESM’s complexities and nuances.


What we cover during the ESM training course

With 2 hours of content across 8 modules, the Enterprise Service Management course is a self-paced, accessible experience that will provide you with valuable insights and knowledge without an overwhelming time commitment.

Course syllabus

Course syllabus

1. Introduction to ESM

Learn ESM basics for optimized service delivery, boosting efficiency, savings, and experience.

2. Introduction to the ITIL framework

Discover the ITIL framework, service lifecycle, and application to ESM systems for better management.

3. Single point of contact

Learn about single point of contact in ESM, service desk roles, and self-service portals.

4. Service Level Management

Explore Service Level Management, Experience Level Management, and enhancing the customer experience.

5. Change Management

Study Change Management, managing organizational change, and effective communication.

6. Service strategy

Dive into service strategy, key elements, developing successful strategies, and alignment tips.

7. Getting started with ESM

Learn ESM implementation, how to assess needs, build teams, define processes, and measure success.

8. Challenges

Potential pitfalls, risks, challenges, and how to mitigate them through practical steps.


Meet our star ESM guest lecturers

This Enterprise Service Management training course is enriched by insights from renowned industry professionals, providing valuable knowledge and expertise from specialists with years of experience in the field.

Roy Atkinson

Roy Atkinson

Roy Atkinson, CEO of Clifton Butterfield, LLC, is a renowned IT, Service Management, and customer experience expert. A Fellow of the Institute for Digital Transformation and HDI Strategic Advisory Board member, he’s an internationally recognized thought leader, featured in podcasts and conferences.

Barclay Rae

Barclay Rae

Barclay Rae, CEO of ITSMF UK, is an experienced ITSM consultant, analyst, and writer. Co-architect of ITIL practitioner scheme and co-author of SDI certification standards, he has contributed to around 500 ITSM projects in 25 years, producing blogs, research, and white papers for the industry.

Enterprise Service Management Book

Download a preview of the book "Introduction to Enterprise Service Management"

As a bonus resource to our Enterprise Service Management course, we’ve put together a book that expands upon the syllabus and provides additional in-depth content. Download the first chapter of the book and broaden your knowledge and understanding of ESM principles.

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