IT Asset Management Tool

A command center for your asset inventory

Discover, track and manage hardware, software and fixed assets. Have total visibility of the state of your IT inventory for faster incident response investigation, ownership control and better management of IT costs.

From spreadsheets to an Asset Management tool

Your assets move your business forward. Having a complete understanding of its inventory, health and costs are crucial for properly managing your organization.

With InvGate Insight you get a single-pane-of-glass of your assets, be it hardware, software or fixed. Achieve seamless IT operations and financial and compliance control.

InvGate Insight allows companies to have a single-pane-of-glass of their assets

Unified Inventory

Save hours maintaining and monitoring your IT state

Use accurate and detailed data on IT, OT and IoT assets to optimally manage your IT asset state, as well as the associated costs and risks. Better asset data translates into better decision making and ultimately into better IT and business performance.

Watch: 24 hours to Create a Unified Inventory

Several assets and their most important information

Automate your IT inventory

Bring, organize and monitor asset information for all your devices, including hardware data, location details, software installed, updates performed, related devices and contracts. Get access to over 500 other indicators, from financial information, to license details, software categories, alerts, and more.

Process of creating an asset with the Discover Network functionality

Discover network inventory

Create an automated and unattended inventory of all SNMP devices connected to the network to provide your company with a detailed analysis of its total IT state.

Asset's health rules record each change and alert for every monitored device

Monitor the health of your assets

Keep a complete record of each change and get an alert for every monitored device, providing you with insight and control of changes in the configuration of your IT infrastructure

Software Licenses

Get complete visibility of the state of software and licenses

Monitor the use of software and assigned licenses. Make better purchasing decisions and improve the security and compliance risk management.

Report of diferent capabilities such as statistics on software utilization

Optimize the use of software licenses

Access comprehensive reporting capabilities, as well as statistics on software utilization. Reduce waste and deploy software asset resources where they are most needed.

Audit that shows the amount of installations for a commercial software on the company

Conduct software license audits

Easily report on the use of commercial software, detect unauthorized installations and monitor license compliance.

Prompt of an unauthorized software detected by InvGate Insight

Detect unsupported software

Enforce software policies, detecting blacklisted publishers and unsupported versions.


Visualize relationships between assets and business services

Have a clear view of your CIs and how they relate to each other in a visual CMDB data model. Identify trends, patterns and outliers in an attractive, easy to comprehend presentation.

Service Management

Streamline your IT operations

Speed up your access to information on your assets. Everything in one place, two clicks away.

Main view of InvGate Insight
Asset inventory showing incident history

Access incident history

Connect your asset inventory with your InvGate Service Desk ITSM solution to access complete information on incidents related to an asset or user assigned devices.

QR codes creation option for assets identification

Identify assets with QR codes

Create QR codes in bulk and scan directly from your mobile phone for fast asset identification and management.

Prompt informing a warranty expiration for an asset

Manage asset lifecycle and depreciation

Keep track of asset depreciation and other costs, as well as asset states and ownership.

Upper right quadrant ITAM capabilities at a fraction of the cost

Get the best of ITAM with an easy no-code configuration, avoiding expensive third party integrators and decreasing the total cost of ownership. Migrating to InvGate Insight from your current solution is easy.

Powering top IT teams around the world

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