Ticketing Workflows

Improve service desk’s operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve end user experience with an intuitive ticketing workflow capability for managing end user issues and requests.

Ticketing Workflows

No-Code & Drag and drop

No-Code workflow construction

Low-code and drag-and-drop capabilities make the workflow builder in InvGate Service Desk incredibly useful for organizations. You can streamline support operations and improve performance by allowing for fast and efficient workflow creation. The visual representation promotes better collaboration and communication among team members.


Workflow configuration

The workflow builder in InvGate Service Desk offers you the ability to configure workflows as needed, tailoring them to the unique requirements of their IT operations. With the capability to create forms for gathering specific information, request approvals, and set a list of tasks to be completed at any given stage, organizations can ensure that all necessary steps are accounted for in the workflow.

These flexible capabilities allow you to tailor the workflow to the specific needs of your operation, ensuring that they can manage incidents and requests of any department effectively.

Automation & integrations

Automated actions

The InvGate Service Desk workflow builder offers powerful capabilities for automating IT processes. Companies can set multiple automated actions within the workflow, including sending emails and making web service calls, allowing for streamlined and efficient support operations.

InvGate Service Desk native integration with InvGate Insight enables companies to change any asset impacted by the workflow, ensuring that all updates are reflected in real-time.


Dashboards and Reports

The analytics capabilities InvGate Service Desk provide numerous benefits for organizations looking to improve their workflows continuously. By tracking performance data, you can gain valuable insights into your support operations identify areas for improvement, and optimize workflows for maximum efficiency.

The ability to analyze metrics, such as response times, resolution times, and incident volume, allows organizations to make data-driven decisions that boost performance. Leading to improved employee satisfaction and a more efficient support operation.


Third-Party Apps Interaction

The system interacts with the outside world through in-solution and email communication, as well as running code through a web service or API. You can also affect changes in your IT systems via InvGate Insight, such as installing new software, license management, or locking a workstation.

Benefits of InvGate Workflow

InvGate Service Desk workflow, available via both on-premise and SaaS delivery models, will help your company to improve its IT support, IT help desk, or IT service desk operations. The support-process formalization and automation will improve both performance and service delivery across a number of areas:

Increased speed of service

Reduced costs

Improved customer satisfaction

Improved staff morale and retention

End users expect their issues and requests to be resolved quickly. Workflow, notifications, and automation speeds things up by removing the reliance on people to enact manual activities and reducing wait times. InvGate Service Desk’s workflow capabilities empower IT support staff to “work smarter, not harder.”

Labor costs are still a big part of the IT support budget and consequently the removal of manual tasks can save significant amounts. However, workflow and automation not only reduces manual effort and the associated cost, it also helps to reduce duplication of effort, rework, and other labor wastage.

This can be influenced by a number of things. The speed of resolution plays a big part, so standardizing processes and leveraging workflow and automation ultimately impacts customer satisfaction and the customer experience in a positive way.

The InvGate Service Desk workflow and automation makes life easier for IT support personnel. It speeds things up and removes repetitive manual tasks. More tickets will be resolved within agreed targets and end users will rate the IT support team more highly. All of which make for happier IT support staff.

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