Service Desk Self-Service Portal

Create a fully customized and branded self-service portal to support the management of end user issues and requests. Improve IT support’s operational efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing end-user experience.

More Power to Your Employees

Customizable Self-Service UI

A brandable and customizable self-service portal where end users can create and track requests, view current outages, search the knowledge base for solutions, and provide feedback on your service performance.

IT Service Catalog

Allow end users to select their required IT products and services from a predefined online portfolio of available items based on the users role and keep them informed on the status of request through the provisioning process.

Enterprise Service Catalog

The self-service portal can be used for all the organization departments including HR, facilities and other business functions that deal with employee requests for help, service, information and change.

24/7 Service Channel

Self-service is another access channel to the service desk that allows end users to provide details of their issue or service request at their own pace, 24/7. Or they can self-help with access to the knowledge base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and knowledge articles – the fixes to common issues or explanations on how to do things such as setting up mobile email on a personal device.

Real-Time Information

End users no longer have to call or email the service desk for an update on their incident or service request. Self-checking of ticket status saves both the end user and service desk time. Plus they can access news broadcasts and intelligent notifications. Broadcasts can report important issues, such as business-affecting outages, or forthcoming events such as planned downtime.

Benefits of a Self-Service Portal

Available as an on-premise or SaaS solution, InvGate Service Desk’s self-service capabilities offer a number of important benefits to IT departments (plus other business functions if used outside IT). The available benefits will differ from customer to customer based on operational decisions and organizational culture, but most customers will seek to realize a number of the following benefits from the introduction of InvGate’s self-service capabilities:

A Better Customer Experience

Reduced Costs

Improved Availability

Improved Efficiency

Employees now expect to see consumer-grade self-service capabilities in the workplace, including issue logging, service request catalogs, and knowledge availability for self-help. Plus, anytime, anyplace, any device access to services, information, and help. It’s the growing extension of what started as the Consumerization of IT.

Save IT, and ultimately the business, time and money by allowing the end user to do what the service desk did previously – the capture of incident or service request information in self-created tickets or by removing the need for IT staff involvement altogether. As the end user helps themselves via the knowledge base and/or the use of self-service automation capabilities.

Self-service can be used to extend the service desk’s opening hours without the need for additional staff and the associated costs. It also extends the reach of the service desk for global organizations, with self-service allowing the addition of local language use with a minimal investment in language expertise.

Self-service will benefit both service desk agents and end users in terms of end users helping themselves. However, the real efficiencies to be had will be realized through backend workflow and automation to deliver resolutions with a minimum of human interaction and delay.

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