Manage an ITIL Service Desk

InvGate Service Desk is an ITIL-aligned IT service management (ITSM) solution, available via both on-premise and SaaS delivery models, that employs industry best practice to help your company to: increase IT support’s operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the end user experience.

Everything You Need to Operate an ITIL-Aligned Service Desk

ITIL Certified Best Practices

InvGate Service Desk has been built as the optimal blend of ITIL best practice and customers’ real-world IT service management (ITSM) needs, being certified by Pink Elephant for Change, Problem, Incident Management and Request Fulfillment.

ITIL Service Operations

Log, manage, resolve, and report on the IT issues that are affecting your business operations and people with Service Desk incident management capabilities. Take pressure off your service desk with the use of problem management best practice, and self-service and automation capabilities that free IT staff up to focus on what’s most important.

ITIL Service Transition

InvGate’s change management capabilities ensure that all IT changes are managed efficiently, with risks assessed and reduced, such that change delays and failures are minimized.

It makes service desk life easier, and improves IT’s reputation, by minimizing the level of change-related issues and problems. InvGate’s Knowledge Management capabilities include automatic suggestions of solutions to IT staff as requests tickets are created, helping to increase the speed of issue resolution.

ITIL Service Design

With InvGate Service Desk service level management capabilities your IT team can prioritize service desk operations based on an issue’s impact and urgency plus agreed service level targets, and be notified of breaches, making you better positioned to meet or even exceed agreed performance levels. Using capabilities like InvGate’s Service Level Management and SLAs will help your company to improve its IT support, IT help desk, or IT service operations through the focusing of attention on the things that matter most.

ITIL Service Strategy

With InvGate’s financial management capabilities you can determine the true cost of providing IT support in your company. By obtaining meaningful financial information on IT activities, your IT team can better understand what spending associated with resources and assets are underpinning IT services. In InvGate Service Desk there’s simple and accurate time recording and wait-time analysis plus capabilities for budget control, forecasting, and the foundations for IT chargeback if needed.

Benefits of an ITIL Service Desk

The use of ITIL with InvGate Service Desk will help your company to improve its IT service delivery and IT support. Thanks to ITIL best practice processes and enablement – through workflow and automation, notifications, knowledge management, self-service, and the in-built reporting and analytics capabilities – your IT teams will improve IT operations and ITSM in a number of areas.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Cost Reduction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Greater Insight Into Performance

Best practice processes mean that service desk agents do things in an optimal manner, with minimal mistakes and rework. Manual effort is reduced through automation, and simple issues and requests are dealt with via self-service – freeing up service desk agents to spend time on more difficult, and potentially more important, tasks.

Manual labor still contributes a big percentage of IT and IT support costs. Optimizing workflows and reducing the reliance on IT personnel will decrease IT people costs, and limit the adverse effect of business-impacting IT issues and failed changes, to not only reduce IT costs but also improve business operations and finances.

IT service delivery and support is not just about delivering high-quality IT services, it’s also about meeting end-users, customers, and business wants, needs, and expectations. ITIL and InvGate Service Desk will ultimately help to improve not only the quality of IT services, but also the end user experience.

InvGate Service Desk provides a mechanism for a wide variety of IT service delivery and support data points to be collected and analyzed. This data – related to operations, service levels, and costs – can be used to assess day-to-day activities; to demonstrate efficiency, effectiveness, and value; and to identify trends and improvement opportunities.

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