Better Ticket Management, From Creation to Resolution

InvGate Service Desk offers all the tools support agents need to effectively manage and resolve tickets. Its user-friendly interface allows agents to handle tickets with ease, providing excellent service and keeping the support team running smoothly.

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Work smarter, not harder

InvGate Service Desk helps IT support agents stay organized and on top of their work in a busy and hectic environment. It provides a simple, intuitive interface that displays all pending actions in one view, enabling agents to be more efficient in their daily tasks.

All the information in one place

InvGate Service Desk is designed to simplify the process of handling customer requests for agents. With an intuitive interface, all the necessary information for solving a problem is easily accessible and clearly visible to the agent, allowing them to quickly and effectively resolve issues.

Agents need to be able to identify all the participants involved. This includes the customer and their information, any observers, the agent assigned to the request, and other collaborators. Being able to see all of these participants and their associated information allows for more effective management and resolution of the customer’s issue.

Creating relationships between support requests on a service desk is crucial as it allows for better tracking and management of customer issues, and helps to identify and prevent recurring problems. By linking related requests, service agents can easily access any other requests associated with the one they are currently working on, leading to more efficient and effective resolution of customer issues.

Having access to information about the different devices that the end-users have assigned to them can greatly aid agents in providing a quicker response. With the native integration between Service Desk and Insight, agents can easily access critical information about these devices without having to leave the Service Desk, which helps to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the support process.

Having a Knowledge Base that is easily accessible to agents can aid in the resolution of customer issues. By providing agents with a simple way to access related articles, they are able to find solutions to common problems and provide standardized responses.

The AI-powered Predictive Suggestion feature can significantly improve the efficiency of support request resolution by allowing agents to take common actions for specific requests. The system learns from past actions and patterns and can anticipate and recommend those actions to the agents the next time a similar request comes up.

Ticket management

Communication and Collaboration at Its Finest

Every request in Service Desk is more than just a simple ticket - it’s a powerful communication and collaboration tool. With the ability to tag other agents and provide all the necessary context and information, agents can easily work together to resolve requests and provide excellent support.


Maximize productivity with automated actions

From the request view in Service Desk, agents can perform automated actions such as viewing time metrics, setting tasks and reminders, requesting approvals, reassigning the request to other agents, and escalating it to other help desks. These features help agents to efficiently manage their workload and ensure that requests are handled in a timely and organized manner.


Tailor Your Request Management to Fit Your Team’s Needs

Integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zapier, as well as email configurations, allow Service Desk to extend its ticket management capabilities and enhance collaboration, communication, and efficiency while reducing the risk of requests falling through the cracks.


Measure and Improve Service Level

Provide IT staff with greater insight into their operational performance and potential improvement opportunities with customizable and real time performance service desk analytics.

Benefits of InvGate Ticket Management

InvGate Service Desk will help your company to up its IT support, IT help desk, or IT service desk game. Thanks to support-process formalization and enablement – through workflow and automation, alerting, knowledge bases, self-service capabilities, and reporting and analytics – IT teams can improve their operations and service delivery across a number of areas:

Increased speed of service restoration

Improved customer satisfaction

Standardization and the platform for improvement

Improved staff morale and retention

A large element of end-user IT support expectations are based on how quickly their issues are resolved. InvGate Service Desk’s ticket management capabilities empower agents to get the most out of their working day – “working smarter, not harder.”

The concept and need for customer experience has worked its way from consumer-world customer relationships into the workplace. This impacts not only the human-to-human aspects of IT support but also how technology is used.

InvGate Service Desk is built upon industry best practice that will allow your IT support team to both standardize and optimize their operations. This standardization will also play a key role in improving operations and services.

With InvGate Service Desk there’s less tail-chasing, information is easier to access, more tickets will be resolved within agreed targets, and end users will rate the IT support team more highly. All of which make for happier IT support staff and a greater probability that they will stay with the team.

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