CMDB Discovery and Visualization

Discover your entire IT infrastructure with a full picture of your physical and cloud assets, ensuring data integrity and consistency. A centralized view of all you need to know about your IT ecosystem.

Manage Your Infrastructure

CMDB Discovery
Discover your entire IT infrastructure, including physical and logical elements, to maintain reliable and up-to-date visibility of your asset and configuration management data. Build a dynamic and 360 degree view of the relationships between your systems and applications.
CMDB Visualization
Have a clear view of your CIs and how they relate to each other in a visual CMDB data model. Identify trends, patterns and outliers in an attractive, easy to comprehend presentation.
CMDB in Cloud Environments
Integrate the assets in your cloud services, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, into your CMDB. Support day-to-day operations and maintenance processes with a centralized visual presentation of all the resources and services being used.
CMDB Integrated on Service Desk
Integrate CMDB and asset data with InvGate’s advanced Service Desk tool, allowing you to keep track of incidents and requests for each physical, virtual, and cloud asset.
What Is a CMDB Used For?
Configuration management databases (CMDBs) represent the heart of your ITSM system. It provides a one-stop location to store information about IT assets and other configuration items in a way that is easily accessible. This information comes from a wide variety of sources, a visual CMDB provides you a centralized location with real-time visibility of your infrastructure. It features a complete set of data about your IT environment, integrating data from external sources, and detailing the composition and use of critical assets and their components. This complete and accurate view of the organization’s IT assets enables a more effective asset management process.
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