Software Deployment and Remote Desktop

InvGate’s IT asset management (ITAM) capabilities include automated software deployment and remote desktop capabilities for easier software distribution, updates, incident management, uninstallation, and much more.

IT Support, From Anywhere

Manage Your Assets From Anywhere

Give your IT staff the ability to manage virtually every IT operation from any point on your local network, and any PC located remotely, connecting across the organization via LAN and WAN networks.

Ensure the Protection of the End User’s Privacy

Maintain the privacy of end users with security measures, such as a request window that requires user confirmation to make remote access possible.

Provide Remote Support for a Variety of Platforms

Audit trails of actions taken by the remotely connected administrator, easily access blocked workstations, leaves no open ports on the desktop, and provide windows platform flexibility.

Distribute Software Remotely

Perform software distribution either on groups of workstations defined by the organization, or individual machines. Use smart automation to take into account custom deployment conditions at the time of installation.

Benefits of InvGate Assets Software Deployment and Remote Desktop

InvGate Software Deployment speeds up deployment, reduces end-user idle time during deployment, reduces manual workloads, and maintains your systems with maximum efficiency. And planning maintenance is easier too, you just schedule the time at which you want to perform the installation of the required software patch or update, and for as many machines as needs the patch or update.

Reduce Costs

Save Time

Increase Efficiency

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Minimize software management costs, as no IT staff deployment time and costs are required for the distribution and installation of software and files.

InvGate Remote Desktop minimizes end-user idle time during installation, as the installation time window is much shorter than the manual installation alternative.

Remote support provides IT support teams the ability to respond to issues immediately, improving efficiency by eliminating waste. Teams will also benefit from fewer manual errors, and the associated time and costs, due to automation.

People want their IT issues or requests actioned as soon as possible. InvGate Remote Desktop enables you to deliver faster and more responsive support by connecting you directly to your end users.

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