Software Deployment

InvGate Insight allows you to simultaneously install, configure, and update software across multiple devices by crafting and executing scripts that streamline the entire procedure.

Script Management

Streamlined Software Deployment

With script-powered software deployment, you can effortlessly manage software installation across your organization. Create packages by uploading your scripts and executing your deployment plan on numerous devices simultaneously. Done!

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Scheduled Deployment for Seamless IT Management

Take control of when and where software packages are deployed. Reduce disruptions and plan that software installations, updates, and critical OS configurations are executed during optimal time frames to ensure minimal disruption.

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Built-in packages

Automated efficiency

Reduce manual intervention and increase operational efficiency by leveraging script-powered deployments. Dive into InvGate Insight's rich library of packages tailored to address the most common enterprise software and configuration needs.

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Leverage all Software Deployment capabilities

Save time and make the process of software installation and configuration faster and more accurate.

1. Employee onboarding

Effortlessly install and set up essential software packages and OS configurations for new hires with minimal clicks. Accelerate the onboarding process, guaranteeing every employee is equipped and operational from their first day.

2. Remote deployment

Script-powered software deployment can be executed remotely, which is particularly valuable for organizations with distributed networks and remote employees.

3. Vulnerability Management

Swiftly respond to IT threats. Automate software updates or uninstalls using scripts and reinforce operating systems with robust security configurations. Ensure every system remains optimized against vulnerabilities, all through a unified approach.

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...and there’s more!

4. Tag-based updates

Select which assets receive specific updates, tailoring the update deployment to match your organization's needs and priorities. This feature allows you to conduct phased rollouts or address specific scenarios such as outdated software, inactive antivirus, or limited disk space, ensuring optimal system performance.

5. Configuration Management

Enforce system configuration policies and ensure all machines are configured consistently and securely.

Benefits of Insight’s Software Deployment and Configuration

Use InvGate Insight's Software Deployment and Configuration to install and manage software across your organization's infrastructure seamlessly. Automating these essential tasks empowers your IT team to save time.


Error prevention

Improved success rates

The Script-Powered Software Deployment feature allows you to seamlessly tailor deployment and configuration processes, ensuring they align perfectly with your unique operational demands.

Automated deployments follow predefined scripts, ensuring consistency across all updates. This consistency minimizes the risk of human error and ensures that all assets are updated to the same standard, enhancing overall system stability.

Insight's script management empowers you to optimize your deployment strategy, ensuring a higher success rate and minimizing disruptions for your end-users.

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