Simplify Asset Management

The smart IT Asset Management solution

Automatically discover, manage, configure and report on your inventory of physical, virtual, and cloud assets.

Navigate the tabs to access further information on hardware, software, financial details, incidents associated, and past activity.

Get an overview of the status of the asset’s antivirus, software updates needed, and warranty expiration.

Access a quick summary of main data points for software and hardware.

Quickly identify if your devices require attention.

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Service Management

Improve Governance and Operations

Automate CMDB updates, enrich service desk operations, and monitor asset lifecycle, freeing up time for core activities and maximizing productivity.

Streamline your IT operations
Improve compliance

Mitigate Risks

Proactively identify threats such as rogue devices, vulnerabilities, and compliance gaps to prevent potential disruptions and security breaches.

Access incident history

Improve compliance

With our enhanced asset monitoring features, you can set customizable rules to identify non-compliant devices and categorize assets based on specific criteria. Also, create custom dashboards easily to comply with audits.

Identify assets with QR codes

Trim Expenses

Identify unnecessary costs, inform budget allocations, and optimize IT spending efficiently using precise data insights, resulting in cost-effective management. Manage subscriptions and permissions and cross-reference with software usage.

IT inventory mapping

Understand your IT assets and how they relate to each other

  • • Build a CMDB and a normalized software catalog
  • • Monitor software usage and assigned licenses
  • • Manage security and compliance risks effectively
  • • Optimize purchasing decisions and resource allocation
  • • Streamline processes, minimize downtime


Track hardware and IoT assets across your organization

Watch: 24 hours to Create a Unified Inventory

Software Licenses

Get complete visibility of the use of software and licenses

Monitor the use of software and assigned licenses for better purchasing decisions, and security and compliance risk management.

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Optimize the use of software licenses

Optimize the use of software licenses

Access metrics and comprehensive reporting capabilities on software utilization to reduce waste and assign software asset resources where they are most needed.

Perform software license audits

Perform software license audits

Easily report on the use of commercial software, detect unauthorized installations and monitor license compliance.

Detect unsupported software

Detect unsupported software

Enforce software policies, detecting blacklisted publishers and unsupported versions.


Simplify Contract Management

Manage contracts with centralized processes for easy access, tracking, and renewal. Organize IT contracts efficiently by centralizing asset details such as warranty, purchase data, depreciation, and cost center information to optimize IT budgeting.

Manage your IT assets in detail

Data Sources

Manage your IT assets in detail

With multiple and flexible data collection tools, manage all your assets, optimize software license compliance, streamline management processes, and improve your overall IT governance.

Insight Agent

Automatically collect data from multiple devices in your IT environment with Insight Agent, for accurate and up-to-date information about your hardware and software assets. It is compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android devices.


Get an automated inventory of all SNMP devices connected to the network to provide your company with a detailed analysis of its total IT state.

Cloud / API

Collect data from cloud-based resources, such as virtual machines, containers, and storage volumes. Manage and track assets hosted in the cloud, ensuring comprehensive asset visibility across both on-premises and cloud environments.

Users and Locations

Gather information from Users and Locations by integrating Active Directory, G-Suite, SAML 2.0, and other sources. Insight enables you to link assets with specific users or locations, facilitating user-centric Asset Management and accountability.

Manual Input

Manually input data with configurable custom fields, giving you the possibility to add and manage assets that other methods may not have discovered automatically. Ensure that all assets, including non-networked devices, are included in your IT inventory.

CSV/XLS Import

Save time and effort when populating your IT inventory with CSV and XLS uploads.

Easy to use platform that allows for complex queries and easy asset management.

InvGate’s team was very thorough when analyzing the business needs and was always happy to offer live sessions to go through queries.

A masterpiece of Asset Management.

Insight is an amazing software to control the assets of the company. It allows you to add financial data that allows you to know the warranty of the product, the purchase date, etc. The support team has very fast answer and always make sure that you understand the software.

Next Level ITAM.

Our experience with InvGate has been great, specially when handling contracts and help us avoiding compliance risks what it’s crucial to us.

Implementation completed in record time.

Powerful tool with great team behind it. We managed to deployed Insight in ten days, and have been working smoothly since.

InvGate Insight is a very powerful software that provides an incredible user experience.

It allows us to be compliant at every moment and reduce to zero all IT risks by having a permanent up to date picture of the inventory with all the assets.


Map relationships between assets and business services

Have a clear view of your CIs and how they relate to each other on a visual CMDB data model. Identify trends, patterns and outliers in an attractive, easy to understand presentation.

People and Locations

Optimize asset allocation

Gain visibility into your entire IT resources by tracking the relationship of IT assets with specific users and locations. InvGate Insight provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to IT asset management, helping you optimize your IT investments and maximize the value of your IT assets.

Optimize asset allocation

Simplify your IT ecosystem with InvGate Insight

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