Assets Asset Inventory and Network Discovery

Track and manage all IT hardware and software assets in a centralized and automated way. Take asset information from network discovery data and third-party sources to provide a single version of truth for your company’s IT asset estate.

Unify Hardware and Software Inventory Data

Gather Over 500 Indicators From Your Software and Hardware
Bring and organize asset information for all devices including hardware data, location details, the software installed, updates performed, related devices and contracts, and over 500 other indicators ranging from financial information, to license details, software categories, alerts, and more.
Remove Manual Efforts of Creating an Inventory
Benefit of IT Asset Management best practices and remove much of the manual efforts and labor costs of creating an inventory.
Discover Network Inventory Automatically
Perform automated and unattended inventory of all SNMP devices connected to the network to provide your company with a detailed analysis of its total IT estate.
Maintain a Complete Hardware and Software Inventory
Use accurate and detailed asset data on both hardware and software to optimally manage your IT asset estate and the associated costs and risks. Better asset data drives better decision making and better IT and business performance.
Improve Your Cost Management and Decision Making
Use the network discovery data of your hardware and software to improve your cost management and decision making, increase your IT support capabilities and operations, upgrade your risk management, and enhance governance and compliance.
Benefits of Network Discovery and Inventory
A thorough understanding of your IT estate enables you to make informed IT decisions, reduce unnecessary purchases, maximize the use of your budget, and effectively manage your investments while still delivering the IT services your business wants and needs.
Better Cost Management and Decision Making
InvGate Assets Network Discovery and Inventory provide you with greater insight into how many IT assets are being employed, how they are being employed, and how to employ them better. Save money by redeploying underutilized assets to prevent the need for new expenditure.
Improved IT Support Capabilities and Operations
Provide the service desk and other IT operations people with asset-related information when they need it. Support ITIL best practice processes such as incident, problem, change, demand, and capacity management through data that will speed up decisions and improve the quality of outcomes.
Better Risk Management
Support your entire IT asset lifecycle, from asset procurement through to decommissioning/disposal. Use the asset data and inventory repository features to support key internal controls at various stages of the asset lifecycle. Ensure that business operations and reputation, and employee and customer health and data, are not put at risk.
Improved Governance and Compliance
Help your organization ensure that corporate and industry governance requirements relate. Increase the efficiency of your organization and lower the overall cost of compliance.
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