IT Financials and LifeCycle

InvGate IT Financials and LifeCycle holds detailed information on IT asset contracts, financials, and lifecycles to support cost-and contract-related IT asset management best practice activities and the benefits they bring.

Make Informed Decisions

Use IT Financial Tools to Address Your Company’s Needs
Keep up with the need for increased technology spending, which may not always be accompanied by an increased IT budget, by thoroughly evaluating your IT-related finance and spending strategy.
Gain Better Control Over Asset Costs
Take control of budget distribution and investment in each of your corporate cost centers down to a granular, asset-based level. Easily manage all the financial information related to your IT infrastructure and the assets within it.
Use Detailed and Accurate IT Asset Information for Cost Management
Generate reports by cost center, manage warranties and alerts for warranty expiration, and perform annual depreciation estimation for all IT assets across hardware and software.
Provide Fit-for-Purpose Reporting and Analytics
Support IT managers and the roles they need to perform on a daily basis with the ability to provide insight into the hardware and software in stock, manage the allocation of stocked hardware and software, and have a record or audit trail of retired assets.
Get Insight Into the Time and Cost Invested in Assets
Gain insight into the hardware and software in stock, manage the allocation of stocked hardware and software, have a record of retired assets and those which were donated versus destroyed, and manage repairs.
Benefits of InvGate IT Financials and LifeCycle
Ultimately accurate information is the key to better IT asset management, improved financial stewardship, and reliable demand and cost forecasting. The InvGate IT Financials and Lifecycle module is designed to help you get the most from your information.
Better Manage Costs
Gain greater insight into asset and IT service costs enables you to better understand TCOs.
Improve Budgeting
Get accurate information on asset-related budgeting and forecasting helps you to make better decisions, and, ultimately, increased cost savings.
Better Utilize Warranties
Don’t necessarily pay for either internal or external IT asset support and repairs when assets are under warranty.
Manage Asset LifeCycles and Depreciation
Manage asset lifecycles better to ensure that your business gets maximum value from its investments in IT assets.
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