Service Desk and Microsoft Integrations

Harness the Power of Azure AD, Active Directory, and Office365 within InvGate Service Desk for a Seamless ITSM Solution.

Elevate Your ITSM Experience with InvGate Service Desk & Microsoft Integrations

Unlocking Advanced ITSM Capabilities with InvGate Service Desk and Microsoft Integrations

InvGate Service Desk is designed to blend with your existing Microsoft infrastructure. With Azure AD, Active Directory, and Office365 integrations, we enable user provisioning and authentication to run smoothly, enhancing your IT support services’ overall user experience and efficiency.

Azure AD

Our integration with Azure AD simplifies user provisioning and authentication. Connecting InvGate Service Desk with Azure AD allows you to manage users and their roles seamlessly across both platforms, ensuring data consistency, improving security, and speeding up service delivery.


Active Directory

Active Directory user provisioning becomes a breeze with InvGate Service Desk. This integration empowers you to easily import, manage, and assign user roles directly from your Service Desk, enhancing your control over the IT infrastructure.

Active Directory


With Office365 integration, InvGate Service Desk provides secure authentication. Your users can authenticate using their familiar Office365 credentials, promoting increased user adoption rates and facilitating your IT support tasks.




Amplifying the Capabilities of InvGate Service Desk with Microsoft Service Integrations

Interested in learning more? Visit our blog for a deep dive into our Microsoft integrations. Enhance your ITSM today with InvGate Service Desk and Microsoft!

Boosted Efficiency

These integrations significantly enhance the efficiency of your IT operations, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks and reducing user provisioning and authentication times.

Enhanced Security

Benefit from improved security standards of Azure AD, and Office365 for user authentication. Secure your IT Service Management against unauthorized access.

Improved User Experience

Provide your users with a seamless experience, letting them use their familiar Microsoft credentials for authentication and enabling swift service delivery.

Better IT Control

Gain comprehensive control over your IT infrastructure by managing users and their roles directly from InvGate Service Desk. Maintain data consistency across platforms with ease.

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