Unifying ITAM with the Microsoft Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrates Asset Management with Microsoft’s identity services for holistic inventory tracking.

Unifying ITAM with the Microsoft Ecosystem

Integrated IT Asset Management with Microsoft’s Identity Services

For a truly comprehensive IT asset inventory, understanding who owns what is vital. By integrating with Microsoft’s identity services, InvGate Insight doesn’t just track devices and software; it captures the human element. This holistic approach provides a complete inventory picture and enhances security and compliance.

Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

Active Directory remains pivotal for on-premises user provisioning. Through AD integration, InvGate Insight effectively captures every user and the devices they use, ensuring dynamic changes in personnel never compromise the integrity of your asset inventory. Moreover, AD’s robust SSO capabilities enhance security across your IT landscape.

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

With the cloud’s agility, Azure AD provides a flexible approach to user provisioning. Through its integration with InvGate Insight, assets, and users, whether cloud-based or hybrid, remain under vigilant monitoring. Azure’s cloud-driven SSO features bring in enhanced security, making ITAM not just efficient but also robust.




Benefits of Integrating the Microsoft Ecosystem

How to Integrate InvGate Insight With Active Directory

Unified IT Asset Perspective

By intertwining device data with user profiles, gain a complete, integrated view of your IT ecosystem, fostering precise asset tracking.

Advanced Security via SSO

Harness the strength of Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, bolstering security measures and simplifying compliance adherence.

Efficient ITAM Workflow

Eliminate the redundancies of manual inputs and amplify accuracy. With Microsoft integration, your ITAM strategy evolves with your organization’s growth.

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