Device Management

Integrate your ITAM solution with Microsoft Intune

Effortlessly synchronize and manage devices across platforms for easy IT Asset Management.

Set up Intune as a Discovery Source on Insight ITAM

Enhance your IT Asset Management capabilities with the integration of InvGate Insight and Microsoft Intune. This integration enables you to consolidate device management efforts, providing a unified solution for overseeing your organization’s entire asset inventory.

Why you should set up Intune as Discovery Source

Integrating InvGate Insight with Microsoft Intune allows organizations to incorporate Intune-managed devices into their asset inventory. By leveraging this integration, users gain the ability to manage all assets within a single platform, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools and ensuring centralized operations.

Benefits of integrating Invgate’s Insight with Intune

Create a quick summary of the ticket’s details, people involved, and tasks performed to get a better grasp of the request at hand.

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Integrating Endpoint Management (EM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools streamlines asset lifecycle management, optimizes resource allocation, and improves incident response.

Strengthened Security and Compliance

The integration ensures better security posture by enforcing policies across endpoints and ensuring software licensing compliance, reducing risks and vulnerabilities, and facilitating smoother audits.

Comprehensive Asset Visibility

By providing a holistic view of all IT assets, including software, the integration enables organizations to make informed decisions, optimize asset utilization, and maximize the value of IT investments.

Simplify your IT ecosystem with InvGate Insight

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