Service Desk Analytics and Reporting

Provide IT staff with greater insight into their operational performance and potential improvement opportunities with better access to data and information that drives better decisions and, in turn, better performance.

Measure and Improve

Real-Time Performance Data
Get the visibility you need to drive process improvement in your service desk, with real time information and easy reporting personalization.
Cross-Analyze Over 150 Metrics
Analyze your service desk operational performance using over 150 built-in metrics with InvGate’s OLAP cube. From waiting time by agent to number of priority changes by department.
Multi-Departmental Reporting
Because InvGate Service Desk supports multiple help desks and differing access levels, Analytics does too. With reporting tools available to all service desk coordinators and administrators for their area of responsibility.
Customizable Dashboards
InvGate Service Desk Dashboards provide you and your team with at-a-glance insight into your IT operations. Fully configurable with point-and-click and drag-and-drop configurations, you can easily display the KPIs and information that is most important to your business to help highlight areas of success and those in need of improvement.
Benefits of InvGate Service Desk Analytics
InvGate Service Desk Analytics will help your company to up its IT support game through better insight into services and operational performance. By providing access to the right information when IT support personnel need it, teams can improve both the efficiency of operations and effectiveness of service delivery thanks to:
Improved Visibility and Awareness
Real-time insight into IT support operations not only increases the understanding of how the service desk is performing, it also shines a light on service quality. performance. Whether this is related to service desk agent efficiency, the meeting of service level targets, or the success of knowledge management activities.
Better Decision Making
Access to data and information can often be a little “feast or famine” – where there’s either so much data it’s “data snow blindness” or there’s limited access to the right information when needed. InvGate Service Desk Analytics puts important data and information into the hands of IT support personnel, at all levels, when they need it and in a way in which they can make better informed decisions about performance and improvements.
A Better Understanding of Customer Satisfaction
Diving deeper into service desk performance provides IT support staff with a better understanding of the potential gap between end user experience and IT’s service delivery and its impact on satisfaction levels. Also highlighting weak areas that can be flipped into quick-win opportunities to improve.
A Platform for Improvement
With the opportunities to improve spanning across IT services, IT support efficiency and effectiveness, IT governance, and end-user satisfaction. For instance, having greater visibility into service desk operations might lead to improvements related to refined operational processes, the removal of highly manual tasks, or changes to SLA targets to make support more aligned with business requirements.
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