Streamline IT support

InvGate Service Desk empowers your support team to deliver outstanding service, with an intuitive ticketing solution, workflow automation, and ITIL-ready functionalities.

Powering top IT teams around the world


Have a clear view of your Service Desk

Customize your dashboards so you can have transparency on the state of your service desk and take action when needed.


Make agent’s job easier

InvGate lets agents focus on what’s most important by organizing work based on priority, SLA, and urgency, helping avoid bottlenecks by highlighting actions that can be solved with just one click.


Work smarter with automation

InvGate’s visual engine allows you to create automated workflows to manage requests across the organization.


Integrate with CMDB

See hardware and software related to each incident by integrating InvGate Insight with Service Desk.

Evaluate InvGate as Your Service Desk

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