IT Security & Cybersecurity Compliance Control

Detect whether assets meet the security standards expected by your organization and other external compliance needs, flagging the assets that need attention.

Mitigate IT-Related Risks

Monitor IT asset security compliance

Get a thorough, up-to-date picture of which of your assets may be vulnerable to exploits. Ensure that detection and response capabilities provide coverage across the enterprise.

Unauthorized Software
Detect devices running unauthorized software

Prevent and detect unauthorized software from accessing your network by keeping track of which client devices are running unauthorized software, as well as detecting changes to your software and configuration parameters.

Outdated Software
Report devices running outdated software versions

Be alerted of devices in your inventory running outdated and unmaintained software versions, which may have security vulnerabilities that put your assets and data at risk.

Check assets with upcoming warranty expiration

Stay ahead of the curve with asset warranty expiration checks. Avoid security vulnerabilities by monitoring which of your active assets are about to fall out of warranty, and adjust accordingly.

Why is IT Security Compliance Important?

IT security compliance drives businesses to practice due diligence in order to protect digital assets and maintain a trusting relationship with consumers. It aims to keep consumer information protected while also helping businesses avoid fines and penalties. Internal IT compliance refers to how closely employees adhere to the technology and security policies the company has put in place, such as keeping their software updated and avoiding unsafe practices.

External compliance refers to how closely the organization adheres to outside regulations set by organizations and regulatory bodies. By demonstrating that their cybersecurity system meets security regulations and standards, organizations are able to increase their trustworthiness in the industry, enhance data management capabilities, and avoid costly fines.

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