Make the Most Of Your IT Assets
InvGate Assets provides you with greater insight into how IT investments are being employed and if they could be better utilized. Find underutilized IT assets or harvest licenses for reuse elsewhere.
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Generate an inventory of all SNMP devices connected to your network – such as servers, PCs, network printers, routers, switches and access points, etc. – automatically.
Monitor all changes in software, hardware, licenses, and device allocation – with each and every modification made to the workstations and servers with your organization tracked.
IT staff can take total control of end-user workstations remotely, connecting across the organization via LAN and WAN networks. Also, software distribution can be performed globally automatically.
Benefits of InvGate Assets
InvGate Assets and formalized IT asset management capabilities will help your organization on a number of fronts.
Better Cost Management and Decision Making
IT asset management best practices and InvGate Assets provides you with greater insight into how these investments are being employed and if they could be better utilized. In particular, when underutilized IT assets can be redeployed to prevent the need for additional expenditure on new asset procurement – with software a great example, harvesting licenses for reuse elsewhere.
Improved IT Support Capabilities and Operations
IT asset management best practice provides the service desk and other IT operations people with asset-related information as and when it’s needed. Thus, supporting many of the ITIL best practices such as incident, problem, change, demand, and capacity management with the data to speed up decisions and improve the quality of outcomes.
Better Risk Management
IT asset management and InvGate Assets support the whole of the asset lifecycle – from IT asset procurement, utilization, maintenance, through to decommissioning/disposal. The use of key internal controls at various stages of the asset lifecycle ensures that business operations and reputation, and employee and customer health and data are not unnecessarily put at risk. For example, preventing the continued use of outdated hardware or unpatched software.
Improved Governance and Compliance
IT asset management best practice and InvGate Assets will help organizations to ensure that corporate and industry governance requirements related to IT assets and their use are adhered to. In particular, software asset management best practice and capabilities will provide detailed information on software use and license compliance.
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